Conceptual Design

It all starts with an idea. After meeting with the client I will take the allotted time to generate as many ideas as possible. Once a direction is chosen, I refine it down to a nearly finished sculpture or painting.

  • 2d Thumbnails and Sketches
  • Rough 3d Sculpture
  • 3d/2d Hybrid Work (preferred method)
  • Finished Concept Maquettes


High-Res Sculpting

Once a design is finished it will need a polished digital sculpture. If we start in 3d, this can be the quickest part of the project.

  • Finished “T-Pose” Digital Sculptures
  • Ready for a Variety of Digital Productions (film, games, etc.)
  • Finished “Posed” Models (for product or maquette)
  • Final Detailing


In-Game Assets

Once a model is ready, a low-res version of the character is created where it is UV’d and the high-res details are baked down to the lowest level. Maps are created to simulate the materials it needs and the character is then ready for rigging/animation.

  • Low Poly Modeling
  • Baking Maps (ao, normal, etc.)
  • Painting/Creation of New Maps
  • Base Material Setup


Cinematic Assets

For feature films, commercials and cinematic-level needs, a higher-end asset is required. Final needs can be in any software or rendering package but the results are…

  • Animation Friendly Topology
  • High-Res Texture Maps
  • Displacement Maps
  • Materials for Each Surface
  • Morph Targets
  • Basic Lighting Tests


Output to Real World

Be it milling, resin or anything in between, prepping digital assets to be turned into real world objects is an art in itself.

  • Creating Watertight Assets
  • Keying & Slicing Objects for Production
  • Working with Production Teams



I offer live, on-site presentations for companies or one-on-one training.

  • Personal Lessons
  • Presentations for Companies (Pixologic, Gnomon, etc.)
  • Consultation for New Pipelines

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